Troubles with starting KsqlDb locally

Hello there, we are in the middle of POC for using Confluent Kafka for upcoming project. I had installed Confluent locally on Windows 10 WSL 2 environment, following Ubuntu Installation guide. Most of the things are working properly, except of starting ksqlDB Server with

confluent local services start

command. There error output :

Error: could not find share/java/confluent-common/common-config-*.jar in CONFLUENT_HOME

Variable CONFLUENT_HOME pointing to root folder ‘/’.

There is a workaround to start KsqlDB server with : sudo ksql-server-start -daemon /etc/ksqldb/ command, but I wonder if their different configuration to do so.

Since confluent command starting version 6.0 are not open source, could not debug this locally.

Did you try setting CONFLUENT_HOME to the correct folder?

Well what would be right place for CONFLUENT_HOME ? If it’s not pointing to root folder, all rest services not starting with complaints of not finding bits and bolts.

It should be the folder you unzipped/installed the cli in. At least that’s how it used to work. I could try wsl 2 on windows 10 some time, only run it on Mac so far.