Establish a solid B2B content marketing strategy

When learning how to create an effective B2B SEO strategy, creating topic clusters is a good idea.

This is one of the methods HubSpot uses to demonstrate expertise and dominate the SERPs for a topic.

Clicking on one of these topics will Phone Number List open many other posts related to that topic:

Create Topic Clusters( source )

What is a topic cluster?

A topic cluster is multiple pieces of content organized into shared topics and related subtopics.

A topic cluster is content built around a single topic, starting with a strong pillar page with multiple links to all related topics and subtopics.

Here is an example of a topic cluster:

Illustration of a topic cluster( source )

Topic clusters often cover a topic or topics comprehensively and are useful in several ways:

Helps you organize your B2B content.
Improve your B2B SEO.
Improved EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness)
Increase your engagement rate.
Strengthen your internal link building .
Here’s how to create a topic cluster:

Audit your existing content.
Determine key topics and subtopics.
Conduct keyword research on key topics.
Organize subtopics by intent.
Create a structure around key topics.
Create content.
Publish your content and add internal links to each topic cluster.