Add a Short Description for Main Concepts of Platform

I think, users would benefit from a short description that explains the main concepts of the platform. What is a Category? What is a Topic? How do they relate to each other? Maybe also relate them to similar concepts in other platforms like Slack.
Such a description would make the first steps on the platform easier.

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Good idea. Would it make sense if I added it to the Welcome to the Confluent Community post? It’s pinned for all users until they remove it.

Yeah, I think it makes sense to put it there.

@Bruno I added this - WDYT?

About the Discourse platform

You may be familiar with Discourse already; it’s popular forum software used widely. It has a few key concepts:

  • Users post questions, discussions, announcements, etc as topics . Each post is a topic. Topics that are a question can be marked as Solved by the original poster.
  • Topics are organised into categories . Some categories have subcategories within them to help keep information easy to find.

If you already use Slack, then the analogous component of a channel is a category in Discourse, and a message in Slack is a topic here in Discourse.

Discourse offers granular control of users, so you will notice some users have permission to edit, or even remove, topics. You can learn more about the Badges and Groups that we’ve configured.

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Like it! Thank you, @rmoff !

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