What other categories would be useful?

Post suggestions and discussion here :slight_smile:

I would say the main channels we have on slack are the best to be transfered, no?

Yes, I think I’ve got most of them, can you see any missing?

No I think we have them covered actually… I dont think we need a “random” one as that fits slack better IMO?

I think that’s what #community:lounge would be for - random non-Confluent/Kafka chat

Thinking out loud, where would people post questions about :

  • Kafka internals
  • Tiered storage
  • Cluster linking
  • and stuff like that

It feels like we need a Kafka core category, and maybe a Confluent Platform one - but what should they be named to keep them unambiguous and avoid them being used unintentionally as buckets?

Maybe a channel for Kafka Summit?

There could be categories within it about each Summit event (Eg SF 2019, Virtual US 2020, Virtual EU 2021) and also regarding CFPs and any other discussions that might transcend each particular event? I guess it could be intertwined with Events, but perhaps good not to overshadow the other as community events are constantly happening, making it hard to find specific Summit info/discussion?

Great idea - I’ll add one. I think one category to cover Kafka Summit in general should be fine, I’m not sure we’d gain much from delineating between the different instances. WDYT?

Absolutely, yeah. I meant that there can be different topics within that category (I’ll try and practice my discourse language ;))

Oh, didn’t notice this thread first, and already posted some suggestion as a separate topic.

Long story short - a “general” category would be useful, I guess.