Event-driven architectures (EDA) vs. Request-response (RR) models: Which one is better? [📽️ Explained]

Why should you consider event-driven architectures (EDA) over request-response architectures like REST or RPC?

Many start in the synchronous request-response (RR) world, using REST and RPC to build inter-service communications. But tight service-to-service coupling, scalability, fan-out sensitivity, and data access issues can remain.

:point_right: Event-driven architectures provide a powerful way to decouple services in both time and space, letting you subscribe to the events that matter most for your line of business.

:point_right: Event streams provide foundational building blocks for composing new applications, letting you power operational, analytical, and AI-based systems.

In our lightboard video, @abellemare compares EDAs and RRs, highlighting the major benefits and shortcomings of each approach.

:film_projector: Watch this video and learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fkS-18KBlw