What is event streaming [Resources]

Wondering what is an event and how people get started using events? Events and event streams are essential for designing an optimal event-driven architecture. If you are interested in learning more about event streaming, you might like some of these resources, covering best practices:

:film_projector: Designing Events and Event Streams by Adam Bellemare [Free course]

:memo: Designing Events and Event Streams Best Practices [Blog]

:movie_camera: Event Streaming in 3 minutes [Video]

:open_book: What is Event? [Article]

:books: Designing Event-Driven Systems [E-Book]

:bookmark_tabs: The Data Dichotomy: Rethinking the Way We Treat Data and Services by Ben Stopford [Blog]

:green_book: Practical Data Mesh: Building Decentralized Data Architectures with Event Streams [E-book]