Event Driven framework with synchrnous call using confluent kafka

I am trying to build a event driven framework using kafka . I have 2 microservice and I am using kafka to send messages to them . my microservices will be long running processes basically consumers . My requirement is that my client should wait until i get the final response back from the microservice . how can i achieve that .

What is the archictecture of your service? Is it Java, Python, Go, Node…?

Have you heard of librdkafka? It allows you to create consumers and producers in nearly any language. For languages not “officially” supported, there are many ports, such as node-rdkafka.

I think that you should consider some of the tutorials on Confluent: Learn Kafka - Apache Kafka Tutorials and Resources | Confluent Developer

It is also important to consider if you should be using a stream processing solution at all and look into a simpler solution if possible first.

I am using confluent kafka in python . My use case is to implement request-reply (rest ap )messaging system . which means i need synchronous implementation using kafka . once consumer’s job is done , my client needs response back . how can i achieve something like this

Check the link I provided. It provides a quick start in python.

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