Exploring the Potential of Go for Kafka Streams: Seeking Insights and Opinions

Hi Confluent Community,

I’m currently exploring the idea of using Go for Kafka Streams in my project and would love to tap into the collective wisdom of this community for insights and advice.

As I delve into this consideration, I have a specific question regarding the compatibility of the Confluent Go library with the latest Go version 1.21.1. It’s crucial for me to ensure that the library seamlessly integrates with the most recent Go release for the sake of performance, security, and long-term maintainability.

Here are some other questions I’d like your input on:

  1. Performance: Have you noticed any significant performance improvements or challenges when using Go for Kafka Streams compared to other languages?
  2. Ease of Development: How is the development experience in Go when working with Kafka Streams? Any notable advantages or challenges?
  3. Concurrency: Go is known for its strong support for concurrency. Have you found this to be beneficial when dealing with Kafka Streams and parallel processing of events?
  4. Libraries and Tools: Are there specific Go libraries or tools that you found particularly helpful when working with Kafka Streams? Any best practices or recommendations?
  5. Community Support: How active and supportive is the Go community when it comes to Kafka integration? Have you found ample resources, tutorials, or forums for troubleshooting?
  6. Integration Challenges: Were there any specific challenges or hurdles you faced when integrating Go with Kafka Streams, and how did you overcome them?

Your insights will be invaluable not only for my project but also for others in the community who might be on a similar exploration journey. Looking forward to your thoughts!


Seems your question is not about Kafka Streams, Apache Kafka’s Java stream processing library, but about the Confluent Go clients.

Best to repost in the right category: Non-Java Clients - Confluent Community