FileStreamSourceConnector and PUSH QUERIES - error

Dear all,

I am a new in ksqlDB and Confluent Community. I am using Confluent Community platform in docker.
a/ in docker-compose file under Connect service I added this section to transfer some folder from main Linux environment to docker Connect container.
- /home/user/Desktop/ETL/:/home/appuser/ETL/

b/ when I start Confluent Community platform I see that folder is visible in Connect container

c/ then I start the ksqlDB (CLI) and use these commands:

SET ‘auto.offset.reset’ = ‘earliest’;

CREATE SOURCE CONNECTOR source-file-connector WITH(“connector.class”=‘org.apache.kafka.connect.file.FileStreamSourceConnector’, “file”=’/home/appuser/ETL/input.txt’, “tasks.max”=‘1’,“topic”=‘file-source’);

CREATE STREAM pageviews (name VARCHAR) WITH (KAFKA_TOPIC = ‘file-source’, VALUE_FORMAT = ‘KAFKA’);


d/ after this I see all test strings from input.txt but after this I added another strings
into the input file and these updates are not visible in PUSH queries - do you know why?

Thank you.

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