Hello from Sanju Thomas

Hello everyone, My name is Sanju Thomas, and I love Kafka. :smile: I have written several Open Source Kafka Sink Connects in my GitHub account. (sanjuthomas (Sanju Thomas) · GitHub). If you are not finding a connector that you need, please let me know, I can write that for you.

Hi Sanju, great to see you here!

Since you mention it, one connector I couldn’t find recently was one that was ingest data from a given TCP port. Something like the equivalent of this, but as a connector:

nc <ip> <port> | \
  kafkacat \
  -b broker:9092 \
  -t my_topic -P -T

Maybe similar to this: Tcp input plugin | Logstash Reference [7.10] | Elastic

Hi Robin, Thanks for being a great host. :smile: Sure! Would you call this connector a TCP Source Connector?

Hi @rmoff, I put together a vanilla version of the socket source connector here. It can run in both server and client mode. In server mode, the connector would start a TCP server socket to accept connections from one or many clients. In client mode, it can connect to a TCP server socket. As of now, the client mode expects the server port to be open before the connector is started. I should be able to finish off the connector in a couple of weeks with better error handling, test cases, and client reconnects capabilities.