Help: Confluent cloud tutorial stuck - unclickable buttons

I am 40% way through the Confluent Cloud tutorial and am currently stuck because of what seems like a bug. In the step:

Produce a message to your topic
Here is a sample JSON message you can produce to your topic. Press produce to publish this message to your topic.

This is the message I’m getting on this stage of the tutorial. I am not able to press the teal “Produce” button on the screen with the JSON message.

Any idea how to get past this?

This one issue is resolved. I was able to figure it out by refreshing the page and clicking the Produce button as soon as possible, while it seemed like the message area hadn’t been fully loaded. If I waited too long the button would become disabled. Seems like a bug.

I’m finding that the rest of the tutorial is similarly buggy. I have tried this on multiple browsers and no luck - several buttons are weirdly unclickable. (Such as “Continue” on the page: Configuration, Choose what sample data you want to produce.)

Hi @himaniyadav . Which tutorial are you doing? Is it on Confluent Recipes & Tutorials ?

No it is not the link you sent. It is on the confluent cloud free trial tutorial. I don’t know how to describe it other than it’s on the main page