Help with ccloud sdk in go

hello, Can someone please point me to examples on how to work with this sdk written in go.

If I use it as is then I get cannot run non-main package but adding main package is breaking the sdk. Do I have to write a template around it? A simple example on how to use any part of that sdk will be enough for me to start.

Cc: riferrei if & when you get a chance, would you please add some examples in that repo.

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t gone throug the whole thing, but maybe you can find something helpful in this thread: Working example of schema registry and Golang?

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This SDK was part of another implementation I did for Confluent Cloud, specifically a Terraform Provider. Here is an example of the provider’s code of how to consume the SDK:


thanks thanks,

also found this one, a modified example from his other example, which I eventually followed :slight_smile: - Worked.