Hi, my name is Mickael

Hi everyone, I’m Mickael.

I’m a frenchman living in the UK. I work as a Software Engineer at IBM. I’ve worked with Apache Kafka since 2015 and started contributing in 2016. I became committer last year and joined the PMC in July this year.

I also contribute to a few third party clients and I’m a committer on node-rdkafka and sarama.

I really enjoy interacting and sharing knowledge with the community. I’ve been publishing “Kafka Monthly Digest” articles for almost 3 years now. I’ve also had the chance to present at Kafka Summit a couple of times and I try to answer questions on the apache-kafka tag on StackOverflow.


Hi Mickael, great to see you here :slight_smile:

:wave:t2: Welcome Mickael!

Hi Mickael, Welcome to the community.

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