How do I add "Confluent Certified" badge?

Hi certification team!

I have finished CCDAK certification recently, and I noticed that some members, who were certified, have a special badge here on the forum. I read a thread, where it is mentioned, that the badge should be added “automagically”, if the forum profile email is equal to the one, which was used for the certification.

In my case, I registered on the forum with another email, but I also added the email I used for certification to my profile and made it “primary”. However, still no badge :shushing_face:

Is there something I am doind wrong? Or what should I do to trigger “badge sync”?

heh, well, that ‘automagically’ is not so magically at the moment :wink: Let me see what I can do to sprinkle some fairy dust on it and see if it’ll work again :smiley:

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magic flying GIF by Paul Layzell

Tada! :tada:

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@rmoff, which faculty are you from? I bet, you’re from Slitherin :laughing:


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@rmoff, should I enable somehow the badge title now?

Ooh, I found it! Okay, now it’s time to show off :rofl:

@rmoff, thanks again!

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