Confluent Community - ✨ badges & groups ✨

Who doesn’t like some virtual swag? Those precious pixels, those beautiful bytes…


On this forum we have groups for those who are:

  • Committers to Apache Kafka®
  • Confluent Community Catalysts
  • Confluent Staff

You can spot members of these groups through the ‘flair’ over their avatar:


Group membership is handled automatically by the forum admins - if you think you’ve been missed off, please let us know!


Discourse, which is the platform on which this forum runs, has lots of badges for everyone - for the first time you post, for writing a post that gets lots of shares, for inviting people who join. Check out the list here. Badges can be seen against a user’s profile:


We’ve also added some custom ones (with more planned) - and you can use these as the title shown after your username:


We’ve added badges for those holding Confluent Certifications:

They’ll be added to your profile automagically, so long as you have registered for this forum with the same email address against which your certification was granted.