How do I count the number of messages in a Kafka topic?

I want to know how many messages are in the topic, how can I do this?

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@rmoff don’t we all want to know the answer to this :smile:
But I am certainly interested to know what others are doing to handle this.

Here are a few options: Counting the number of messages in a Kafka topic :slight_smile:

Also check out this cool vid from @gAmUssA

Another option is using the command:

bin/ --broker-list <BROKER_LIST> --topic <TOPIC_NAME> --time -1 --offsets 1 | awk -F ":" '{sum += $3} END {print sum}'

The source-code of this command is not very intuitive (Scala :face_vomiting:) but it may provide an idea about how it works:

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