How to add Confluent Schema Registry to an already existing on-premise Zookeper/Kafka/Connect instalation?

I want to start using Schema registry (with AVRO serialization) in my current Kafka installation, which is plain Apache Kafka.
I have Zookeeper, Kafka, and Kafka Connect already running and connecting a bunch of sources/sinks.

Is it possible to install only the Confluent Schema Registry component, without installing the whole Confluent Platform (CP), and associate it with the already existing Kafka installation?
I understand the convenience of running the whole CP for the integration and tools it provides, and I know I will probably end up using the Open Source CP, and somehow migrating what I have now to CP, but for now, I would like to only add the Schema Register and experiment with it in my current installation.

I’ll really appreciate any advice/instructions on how to achieve this.

Thank you very much!!!
Warm regards

I would still recommend you to migrate to Confluent Platform already now (because the earlier the easier it is to be done), you can download the Community Edition here:, it should be fully compatible with your vanilla Apache Kafka configuration.

However, even if you don’t want to use the whole platform right now, this is totally fine, and Schema Registry can work as an independent component from there - you should be able to start it without starting other CP components.

You will only need to specify the correct value for kafkastore.bootstrap.servers configuration property - your Apache Kafka broker host and port must be specified there.

Alternatively, you can use Hortonworks Schema Registry or Apicurio Registry (which is recommended for Debezium) for your vanilla Kafka installation.

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Hi Denis,
Thank you very much for your answer!!
Just to be sure I understood: even you can start only the Schema Registry component, you still have to install the complete CP. Is that right?

I’ll check the other ones you mentioned, but still, I think I will stick to the Confluent Comunity option.
Warm regards

I don’t think that Confluent Schema Registry is distributed in a way other than with Confluent Platform distribution. If you find a way to download it separately, then shoudn’t be a problem, but I’m not aware of such…

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