Issue Adding Schema Registry to Control Center

I currently have Kafka and confluent downloaded via the information on the confluent quickstart page

I can run Kafka, create consumers/producers, and access everything via the confluent control center at localhost:9021

I am now attempting to use the schema registry. I can create a topic and add a schema to it. I can validate the schema as well.

However, when I change the setting within a topic to make schema value verification true instead of its default value of false, it does not work.

I receive the following error:

confluent.key.schema.validation and / or confluent.value.schema.validation is enabled but there is no confluent.schema.registry.url specified at the broker side, will not add the corresponding validator

I attempted to solve this:

I used and placed confluent.schema.registry.url=http://schema-registry:8081in the appropriate file. This allowed me to create topics with a schema and change the default value to false, but I also received errors when trying to publish the schema.

The schema-registry:8081 does not lead to anything and localhost:8081/leads to a black page with empty curly braces. I attempted to replace schema-registry:8081 with localhost:8081 but that did not work either.

In all these cases, I am unable to reject bad data from a producer via the built-in produce to a topic button.

I am not sure what the issue is. I would appreciate any help.