How to handle confluent kafka to production usage?

I’ve learned confluent kafka yesterday, when in run command to start:
confluent local services start

I see:

The local commands are intended for a single-node development environment only,
NOT for production usage.

I have project to build datapipeline using elasticsearch source connector to kafka and kafka to infludb with sink connector

My question how about production usage because i need to deploy my project?
what i need to learn about confluent to production usage?
I use confluent kafka 7.2.1.
there is no limit of cluster in confluent? what is the difference about confluent free and confluent not free,

hey @Sarindra

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first question regarding production usage: do you prefer a cloud or on prem deployment?
Basically I would start with a 3 node cluster though it depends on your needs and requirements.

Regarding the the different licenses have look here:

some docs regarding prod deployment:


I have no idea which is the best cloud or prem,
Right now, I use confluent 7.2.1.tar in ubuntu,
I would like to go little by little using confluent kafka,
and I would like to have the necessary bases because in two years I don’t want to regret my architecture choices for the reason of my ignorance.
I have certification about kafka and kafka connect,

imho there is no final answer there a several things to consider:
general cloud strategy, data classification, cost … you name it
in terms of kafka you can run it in “both worlds”

e.g an easy poc setup is possible with docker on a single server though for production I would go for an more reliable setup.


I have another question, it’s about brokers,
so I read that one broker is free in one cluster, and if I use many brokers in one cluster it’s not free,
In simple kafka, create multiple kafka brokers is free?
I’ve checked this link and they say that confluent kafka is kafka,



as in apache kafka in confluent community version there is no limitation in cluster size.
and yes, confluent platform and apache kafka is basically the same


what about the number of brokers that i can create? there is no limit?

no, though you should plan carefully along your needs

check also

for planning your cluster


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