Connecting confluent CLI to confluent platform locally

Possible a daft first time user question. I have installed the confluent CLI and also got a local version of the confluent platform up and running using the docker-compose file referenced in this quick start guide.

I know that I can run the services locally using the CLI directly, but I wanted some more control of the platform components hence I went the docker-compose route.

What I want to do now is connect the CLI to this local version of the platform. Have tried a number of things, but I can’t seem to find a definitive guide as to how to do this.

Apologies in advance if this a newbie daft question.

Hi @smitp33,
You can use the same cli commands with docker containers as well.
Checkout the on-premises commands for confluent cli: link

For example

  • I am making use of this docker compose
  • Now to create topic: confluent kafka topic create "test-topic" --url http://localhost:8082 --no-authentication
    Similarly other commands can be used.

Thanks so much for that info. The final gotcha was if you are actually logged into confluent cloud at the same time then you can’t run the commands as the --url and --no-authentication options are not present so the CLI is clever enough to restrict what you can do.

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