Confluent login in local single-node environment


I am using Confluent Platform: 7.0.1. The package I downloaded is: confluent-7.0.1.tar.gz (from page)
My usage is local single-node.

If I want to create a topic from terminal command then I can simply go to the installation folder and run:

$ bin/ --create --topic my-topic --bootstrap-server localhost:9092

But, if I run:

$ confluent kafka topic create my_topic <--url http://localhost:8082>
No session token found, please enter user credentials. To avoid being prompted, run "confluent login".

it asks to login.

My question is is this login context valid for local single-node usage? If yes, is there any definite guide to setup the login configuration (I have gone through MDS. RBAC documentation but could not manage any fruitful outcome)

I would like to use “confluent” command directly for creating, managing topics etc.