How to pick SAP connectors?


In enterprise its hard to bring everyone to same page and I am not a SAP person , While i know more and sufficient as confluent user. But , I am finding it difficult to decide which SAP connector to use under which condition to integrate with SAP. While this should be something which SAP should help but as Kafka SME and Integration point of contact , I am expected to suggest which connectors to use. I am still trying to find a SAP system to use but still i am not sure from where to start on below SAP connectors.

  • SAP Webservice Data Sources Sink Connector
  • SAP HANA Connector (Source and Sink)
    • Only support SAP ODP to Confluent not bi-directional data exchange.
      *Fit best for CDC between confluent and SAP HANA database or use JDBC connector also fine for CDC and this can be configured for 1 or more tables as it uses debezium
  • RTDI SAP S/4Hana Source Connector
  • SAP ODP Source Connector
    • Only supports Delta
    • The ODP Source Connector is a perfect fit if you need to ingest business entities from SAP AS ABAP into your Kafka event streaming platform.
    • Create a SAP user and give enough privileges to access RCF-enabled function modules and SAP Netweaver Gateway is configured to accept RFC connections from your host.
    • If business use case depends on integrating business content from an SAP AS ABAP module into confluent and goes beyond simple data replication on the database level, the connector might be the best choice.
  • Source Connector for SAP Business Events
  • Source Connector for SAP RFC/RFM
  • ASAPIO Integration Add-on Connector
  • SAP OData v2
  • SAP OData v4
  • SAP Integration Suite Kafka Adapter