How to provide Intermidate CA and Root CA all together in CP-Ansible?


I’m using CP-Ansible to install the Confluent Platform and using custom certificates for all the components. These custom certs are signed by Intermediate CA which is Signed by Root CA. In the inventory file, I provided the following tags to enable SSL and use custom certs.

ssl_custom_certs: true
ssl_ca_cert_filepath: “/tmp/certs/ca.crt”
ssl_signed_cert_filepath: “/tmp/certs/{{inventory_hostname}}-signed.crt”
ssl_key_filepath: “/tmp/certs/{{inventory_hostname}}-key.pem”

ca.crt is actually the result of “cat subCA.crt ROOTCA.crt > ca.crt” i.e. it contains the SubCA and Root CA all together and the other one is the components’s signed certificate.

When I run the openssl s_client command to open a secure connection to the broker I got only the subCA in the response not full chain.

Any clue? how to provide the CA and SubCA all together?