How to setup and consume data from topic using Avro format?

Hi Everyone,

I got the KSqldb and KsqlCli run on my machine as docker-compose.
So far, I can consume data from existing topics using either a string or JSON format.
Need to read and write data using Avro format but could find any example except connect to SchemaRegistry like below:


Any help would be appreciated .


@jdang beyond connecting the ksqlDB cluster to the Schema Registry, does this documentation from the ksqlDB site help with syntax?

I did check but nothing else than setting the ksql.schema.registry.url property.
In my case, we are using basic authentication for our schema registry but could find any environment variables for me to set. as the result, I could not find any schemas when try to query from the ksql side:

ksql> show types;

 Type Name | Schema



@jdang for Schema registry security settings, please see the ksqlDB docs here:

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