How to using Kafka connector for read and write data with XML format?

I would like to know the solution for processing XML data with Confluent.
My source and sink system be AWS S3 and MQ.

  1. How to read XML data with Kafka connector for Source connector?
    After storing data on Kafka topic and filtering or calculating some value on ksqlDB or KStream before sending to destination.

  2. After step 1), How to send processed data to the destination as XML data may need to restructure XML format file in different from source system.


hey @rununrath

did the XML part around 1 year ago.
Followed mostly @rmoff’s blog post:

demo-scence is a good point to start with


Hello michael,

I gets some ideas about inbound to read XML and stored as JSON on Kafka.
But I still wonder in part of outbound, in case I expected send JSON data on Kafka topic and write to S3 or MQ as XML format so How to do that?



You should be able to do that using a Single Message Transformation (SMT). You can implement your own, or you can try this one:

You would need to set to true in order to have the XML output format.

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