I'm Robin, from Yorkshire

Hi everyone! I’m a Senior Developer Advocate on the Developer Relations “DevX” team here at Confluent.

I’m based in Yorkshire, UK, and love working with Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform :slight_smile: Before joining Confluent I worked as a consultant in the data & analytics space, which is how I found my way into Kafka (back when it was a curiosity in Hadoop stack that everyone was so excited about)

I’ve been a speaker since 2009, at conferences including QCon, Devoxx, Strata, Kafka Summit, and Øredev. You can find many of my talks online at http://rmoff.net/talks/

I love blogging, which you can read at http://cnfl.io/rmoff and http://rmoff.net/. I’ve also started making YouTube videos (thanks to :microbe: lockdown!) so make sure you head to https://www.youtube.com/rmoff and subscribe :slight_smile:

Outside of work, I enjoy :running_man:‍♂running, :beer: drinking good beer, and :plate_with_cutlery: eating fried breakfasts—although generally not at the same time.