Integrating Kafka Client Libraries in Android and Android TV Apps

Hello Community,

I’m exploring the feasibility and best practices for integrating Apache Kafka client libraries into applications running on Android and Android TV. I’m curious about a few key points:

Feasibility: Is it practical to use Kafka client libraries on Android and Android TV platforms? Are there any major limitations or considerations?

Library Recommendations: Which Kafka client libraries are best suited for Android and Android TV applications? Are there specific versions or forks optimized for mobile environments?

Implementation Patterns: What are the recommended patterns or best practices for implementing Kafka clients in these environments? Any tips on ensuring efficient data handling, connectivity, and battery usage?

General Suggestions: I would appreciate any insights or experiences you might have regarding the use of Kafka in mobile and smart TV applications.

Looking forward to your valuable inputs and suggestions.


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I am investigating the use of kafka client (producer and consumer) on android mobile devices.
According to this [How to use Android App as a client for Kafka? - Stack Overflow](https://stackoverflow link) kafka client does not run on android

I am looking forward to a more qualified answer from confluent

Faris Ahmed