Interceptor inside kafka broker for multi-tenancy

I want to use the multi-tenancy feature as shown in the Confluent blog Cloud-Native, Multi-Tenant Apache Kafka with Confluent Cloud .
When producers produce to the same topic say ‘topic-a’, their data needs to be isolated. Internally, it may forward the message to different topics according to the tenant ID for isolation. When consumers consume these messages from ‘topic-a’, it should only get the messages associated with the consumer’s tenant ID. The blog shows it is possible to implement this, and an interceptor within the kafka broker is used to do so.
But in Confluent cloud, I don’t see any option to implement this.

Hi @sidharth.sunilkumar . That blog shows how multi-tenancy works for standard/basic clusters. It is referring to the fact that customers are on a multi-tenant cluster with other customers. The interceptors on the broker append the identifier for that particular tenant. So, for example, a customer typically won’t have multiple lkcs for the same tenant and if by chance they do they will be completely isolated.
The blog does talk about User space (namespace) isolation through ACLs but that is more authorization-related.