Kafka Multi Tenant solution with Confluent Platform

As per this blog, we could see that “In Confluent Cloud, we added support for the custom tenant entity that represents a unit of data, metadata, and performance isolation for a logical Kafka cluster”
Is the solution provided compatible or available within Confluent Platform On prem (Self Managed ) ?

Our requirements are to Create Custom Tenant Entity and apply the Tenant isolation for

  1. Data Isolation - To configure Client isolation and apply isolation using ACL . i.e Tenant A can only access topics with certain prefixed pattern associated with Tenant A alone.
  2. Performance- Apply Quotas based on this Custom Tenant Entity, i.e Tenant A has X% of capacity configured , etc
  3. Monitoring - To monitor the resource usage per Tenant .

As per this blog, the solution is available under Confluent Cloud, however our environment requires an on-prem Confluent platform solution.