Is db connector able to detect changes on any string column other than incrementing value and datetime?

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Base on Kafka Connect Deep Dive – JDBC Source Connector | Confluent
, I have learn about how to use db connector to detect changes in db and push it to kafka topic, noted that there are detect by incremental value, for example primary key that will increase the value every time there is a new row of data inserted, or detect by datetime, everytime the row of data being update, the datetime will update as well, and push to kafka topic.

I would like to ask, is that any way for db connector to detect changes any string value? For example, user change their nick name to another one, for example, the value “chuck norris”, change to “young chuck norris”. Then I need to detect this changes and push to kafka topic.

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The JDBC Source connector cannot do this. For this you need log-based CDC (the JDBC source connector provides “query-based CDC”). Debezium is a great connector to look at for log-based CDC.

See No More Silos: Integrating Databases and Apache Kafka for details.

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