JDBC Connector - differentiating between create and updates

I am using the JDBC connector. From the payload of updates from the Kafka topic used in “timestamp+incrementing” mode, how can I differentiate between creates and updates in the database?

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I guess we are talking about the jdbc sink connector?


Hi @mmuehlbeyer

Thanks. No, I was talking about the JDBC source connector.

I have a MariaDB database and I configured the source connector to monitor a database and publish the change events to a Kafka topic.

When I look at the payload from the Kafka topic, I can’t tell if it was a CREATE or an UPDATE.

afaik it’s not possible see


Use Debezium instead. It’ll include an op field in the records that indicates updates, inserts, as well as deletes.

Otherwise, capture all records in a KTable, then check if a key already exists. If so, it’s an update.

Hi Jordan

Thanks, I am working on Debezium as well. I need to work with MariaDB + Bitemporal data and Debezium currently does not support that. I am working on an experimental PR on Debezium to support that at the moment.