JDBC Connector - Sybase UPSERT method fails due to Syntax Error

Hi All,

I am using Kafka JDBC Connector to read and write data with Sybase. I am able to write to Sybase using Insert method, however it fails while using UPSERT.

Error - Sql Exception - Syntax Error - Near “WITH” and “AS” . After enabling the debug I could see SQL created for UPSERT contains “MERGE into abctable with (HOLDLOCK) AS target …” which is syntax as per SQLServer dialect java file.

However I could see connector starts with Sybasedialect in the logs, but while generating SQL, it uses SQLServer Dialect

Below are config I am using.

"connection.url": "jdbc:jtds:sybase://xx.x.x.xx:5000/xxxxdb",
"dialect.name" : "SybaseDatabaseDialect",
"insert.mode": "upsert",

How to fix this issue of generate SQL using sybsaedialect?

Is there way to config connector to use JCONN3.jar which is written exclusively for Sybase.?

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