Kafka 2.4.1 with ELK 7.10.2

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I am planning to use ELK 7.10.2 with Kafka 2.4.1.

Are filebeat-7.10.2 and logstash-7.10.2 input/output plugins are compatible with Kafka-2.4.1.

Yes: ELK 7.10.2 is compatible with Kafka 2.4.1. The actual documentation will pose a higher limit to the 2.2.2 version, but it works fine. Here is a tutorial in how to get started with Filebeat which includes an example with Kafka:

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Thanks for the reply. Is ELK 7.10.2 compatible with Kafka 2.8, the latest kafka version.

It should work, but it isn’t necessarily compatible. If you want to double-check compatibility, you can check whether the Sarama framework from Shopify supports Kafka 2.8.0. This is the framework that Beats uses under the hood. From their project:

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