Kafka compatibility with ADFS

I am not sure if I have the right category for this. Recently our architecture team requested we find out if Kafka can be integrated with ADFS. There isn’t any documentation I can find in the way of seeing if this would even be compatible. I would be doing the AD side for Windows and engineers on the Kafka side would be doing the integration. I am fine with any answer at this point !

Hi @plattef71 , are you using Confluent Cloud or are you running on premise?
There are multiple ways to integrate with AD , here documentation fo Confluent cloud: Single sign-on (SSO) for Confluent Cloud | Confluent Documentation

Here more info for Confluent Platform: Configuring Kafka Client Authentication with LDAP | Confluent Documentation

Please let us know if this helps, if not add a bit more details of what is the scenario and we can try to dig out more info!

It will be on premise. So I believe the plan is to use a service account to authenticate the Kafka producers and consumers to the Kafka brokers\clusters. I will review the documentation and see if that fits ! Thank you so much.