Kafka Connect Elasticsearch sink bandwidth

I am seeing huge bandwidths when sending data to ES even when the connector is just connected to ES.
When I capture some of the traffic I see
producer-2u0connect-statusF+w9w9Nstatus-connector-elastic-search-topic16{"state":"RUNNING","trace":null,"worker_id":"","generation":9} Dconnect-status

This seems to get spammed. When I send lets a 100 messages it just keeps running like its constantly sending messages. This never stops until I stop running the worker. Is there a setting that could be causing this to keep sending data like this?

Any insight would be appreciated.

I was able to figure it out. I ended up deleting the topic configs that were created when running the working. Im assuming something got corrupted or something like that.

In case you need more information, you can execute GET _tasks in Elasticsearch to get an idea of what’s going on on the other side of the fence

Thank you, I was having issues with tasks running i think something got messed up. Everything seems to be working now.
Thanks again

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