Kafka error in creating consumer

Hello everyone,

I am trying to access to the kafka server trough aws but i have this error . is there anyone who can hep me?


consumer = Consumer(conf)
cimpl.KafkaException: KafkaError{code=_INVALID_ARG,val=-number,str=“Failed to create consumer: Unsupported SASL mechanism: AWS_MSK_IAM”}

thank you

Which client library are you using and are you sure that it claims to support AWS_MSK_IAM?

I am using aws-msk-iam-sasl-signer-python.

It’s not clear to me where the string AWS_MSK_IAM would be coming from. Could you please share this conf object?

Sure, in conf i wrote the string in front of sasl.mechanism

Neither of the client libraries (dpkp/kafka-python, confluent-kafka-python) in the aws-msk-iam-sasl-signer-python examples supports the AWS_MSK_IAM SASL mechanism and they instead use OAUTHBEARER, so where did you get AWS_MSK_IAM from? If the patterns in those examples aren’t doable, I see a kafka-python fork that adds support for AWS_MSK_IAM that you might want to check out.