Unable to consume message from topic getting error as GROUP_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED

Hello Team
my confluent kafka cluster is configured in cloud . when i am trying to connect with below details
‘bootstrap.servers’: “cluster bootstapserver”,
‘sasl.mechanisms’: PLAIN,
‘security.protocol’: SASL_SSL
‘sasl.username’: cluster apikey,
‘sasl.password’:cluster PASSWORD,
‘group.id’: str(uuid.uuid1()), # this will create a new consumer group on each invocation.
‘auto.offset.reset’: ‘earliest’,
‘enable.auto.commit’: ‘false’,
‘max.poll.interval.ms’: ‘86400000’,

consumer = Consumer(consumer_config)
logger.info(f"Subscribed to Topic-{ Settings.kafka.KAFKA_TOPIC}")
while True:
# print(“Listening”)
# read single message at a time
msg = consumer.poll(0.1) # Wait for message or event/error
if msg is None:
if msg.error():
logger.error(“Error reading message : {}”.format(msg.error()))

            processrequest(msg.key(), msg.topic(), msg.value())
except Exception as ex:
    logger.error("Kafka Exception : {}", ex)
    logger.info("closing consumer")

in confluent cluster ,i dont have any consumer permission .

when i am trying to connect , i am getting error as below:

Error reading message : KafkaError{code=GROUP_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED,val=30,str=“FindCoordinator response error: Group authorization failed.”}

is it required any consumer permission needs to enable at confluent cluster side ? if yes let me know what permission i need to enable/ add

Thanks in advance

Hello Ramesh,

Able to resolve this issue? i am struggling with same error and uanble to resolve it from last 3-4 days. Also have created new user for consuming which have all rights but still getting same issue.
Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.