Unable to consume message from topic getting error as GROUP_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED

Hello Team
my confluent kafka cluster is configured in cloud . when i am trying to connect with below details
‘bootstrap.servers’: “cluster bootstapserver”,
‘sasl.mechanisms’: PLAIN,
‘security.protocol’: SASL_SSL
‘sasl.username’: cluster apikey,
‘sasl.password’:cluster PASSWORD,
‘group.id’: str(uuid.uuid1()), # this will create a new consumer group on each invocation.
‘auto.offset.reset’: ‘earliest’,
‘enable.auto.commit’: ‘false’,
‘max.poll.interval.ms’: ‘86400000’,

consumer = Consumer(consumer_config)
logger.info(f"Subscribed to Topic-{ Settings.kafka.KAFKA_TOPIC}")
while True:
# print(“Listening”)
# read single message at a time
msg = consumer.poll(0.1) # Wait for message or event/error
if msg is None:
if msg.error():
logger.error(“Error reading message : {}”.format(msg.error()))

            processrequest(msg.key(), msg.topic(), msg.value())
except Exception as ex:
    logger.error("Kafka Exception : {}", ex)
    logger.info("closing consumer")

in confluent cluster ,i dont have any consumer permission .

when i am trying to connect , i am getting error as below:

Error reading message : KafkaError{code=GROUP_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED,val=30,str=“FindCoordinator response error: Group authorization failed.”}

is it required any consumer permission needs to enable at confluent cluster side ? if yes let me know what permission i need to enable/ add

Thanks in advance

Hello Ramesh,

Able to resolve this issue? i am struggling with same error and uanble to resolve it from last 3-4 days. Also have created new user for consuming which have all rights but still getting same issue.
Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer is API key does not have access to topic