Kafka to weblogic jms communication

we have two system and for asynchronous call, communication happens via weblogic jms bridges and queues using osb.
Can we implement kafka in such a way that,we can remove weblogic jms on one system with kafka and communicate with existing jms service on another system.
This should be done in non -intrusive manner i.e. only source implemenation should change, we shouldn’t ask the destination( whic is using weblogic jms) to change or implement anything

Hi @Anand, and welcome to the community!

Disclaimer: I work for Confluent. (Technologist - not in sales, but the following will sound a bit salesy)

Kafka doesn’t natively support JMS - however, we do have a JMS sink connector, used with Kafka Connect, that may be of use to you. It’s only available through a Confluent Platform or Confluent Cloud subscription, though you can evaluate it for free before you buy anything. You can sign up for a free trial (no credit card necessary) of Confluent Cloud and try out Kafka and the JMS Sink connector before you commit to anything. If it works to solve your problem - great! If not, then you don’t pay a cent.

I am not certain if you are performing any transformations on your data between the source system and the destination system. Again, I am not familiar with weblogic jms bridges. If you are not doing any transformations, you should likely be able to just use the JMS connector to integrate with Kafka. If you are doing a transformation of some sort, let me know what it is and we can take a look to see if something like ksqlDB (built in to Confluent Cloud, SaaS) can handle that for you.



Thanks Adam for response , i’ll explain a bit scenario here. Not sure how much i can do justice in communicating my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

in jms, we have queues at both source system and destination system which is connected via bridge. In the bridge we can configure what is the source queue name and destination queue name. As soon as any system push the message in queue configured at their end, it gets forwarded to destination queue as per bridge configuration , and the systems have listener running on their queues to read messages as soon as it arrives.

Now here what i am looking for is if i can remove weblogic jms with kafka in one system which is under my control and keep the destination system as it is as it belongs to some other institution.
can we create something for kafka… which can create bridge with existing jms queues on destination and then once data is within our system we can use as we like it