Ksql query is hung from control center

Hi, query is running from ksql CLI but hung from control center. Any thoughts?

Hi @bpamidala and welcome to the Confluent Community Forum!

You might see if your web browser’s developer tools show any helpful errors. For example, in Chrome, if you filter the Network tab to those containing ksql then you’ll see a websocket for the messages in this query. There are also some other ksqlDB-related requests:

Any errors there?

If that doesn’t give any clues, could you please share more details on a repro setup? I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue and dig into the cause.


Thank you for your quick response, Dave. I have reviewed the HAR file already and I am seeing websocket failures. Looks like CC and KSQL interact via websocket. I am wondering what configuration is required to allow webscoket connection from CC to ksql. We are using CFK.

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