KSQL - select shows data but not through CSAS

kafka-avro-console-producer \
 --broker-list XXXXXXXX:9092 --topic account_base \
 --property parse.key=true \
 --property key.separator=, \
 --property key.schema='{"type":"string"}' \
 --property value.schema='{"type": "record","name": "accountdetails","fields": [{"name": "data","type": {"name": "data","type": "record","fields": [{"name": "ACCOUNT","type": {"type": "array","items": {"name": "ACCNT_record","type": "record","fields": [{"name": "accnt_id","type": "string"},{"name": "a1","type": "string"},{"name": "a2","type": "string"},{"name": "a3","type": "string"},{"name": "a4","type": "string"}]}}},{"name": "ACCOUNT_DETAILS","type": {"type": "array","items": {"name": "ACCNT_DETAILS_record","type": "record","fields": [{"name": "accnt_id","type": "string"},{"name": "b1","type": "string"},{"name": "b2","type": "string"},{"name": "m","type": "string"}]}}}]}},{"name": "operation","type": "string"}]}' \
 --property schema.registry.url=https://XXXXXXXX:8081 \
 --property basic.auth.credentials.source=USER_INFO \
 --property schema.registry.basic.auth.user.info='xxx:xxxx'
SET 'auto.offset.reset'='earliest';
create stream st_accnt_base WITH (kafka_topic='account_base', value_format='AVRO');

describe st_accnt_base;
Key format : KAFKA
Value format : AVRO
ksql> select explode(data->ACCOUNT) as ACCOUNT from st_accnt_base emit changes;
|ACCOUNT                                                                                        |
|{ACCNT_ID=1234, A1=10, A2=20, A3=30, A4=40}                                                    |
create stream t_accnt as select explode(data->ACCOUNT) as ACCOUNT from st_accnt_base emit changes;

describe extended t_accnt;
Key format : KAFKA
Value format : AVRO

ksql> select * from t_accnt emit changes;
|ACCOUNT                                                                                        |

no output

in ksql-streams log found

[2018-09-17 12:29:09,929] WARN stream-thread [_confluent-ksql-default_query_CSAS_T_ACCNT_531_98722fferP_637hijk_lm78262_37hk-wyh9-StreamThread-1] task [0_0] Skipping record due to deserialization error. topic=[account_base] partition=[0] offset=[1] (org.apache.kafka.streams.processor.internals.RecordDeserializer:86)
print 'account_base' from beginning;

Value format: AVRO or KAFKA_STRING
rowtime: 2021/02/24 14:35:50.265 Z, key: 1234, value: {"data": {"ACCOUNT": [{"accnt_id": "1234", "a1": "10", "a2": "20", "a3": "30", "a4": "40"}], "ACCOUNT_DETAILS": [{"accnt_id": "1234", "b1": "50", "b2": "60", "m": "1"}, {"accnt_id": "1234", "b1": "70", "b2": "80", "m": "2"}, {"accnt_id": "1234", "b1": "90", "b2": "100", "m": "3"}]}, "operation": "update"}

Able to see data of source topic account_base with print, kafka-avro-console-consumer
Event though key exists in source topic , not sure why working for SELECT and not with CSAS

Any idea why it is unable to desacralize the data and works with SELECT
Please help/suggest on this situation

What version of ksqlDB are you running?

In your kafka-avro-console-producer statement you use acc_base which is different from that used in ksqlDB, is that deliberate?

We are using Confluent enterprise 6.0.0 not sure ksqlDB version
https://xxxxxx:8088 also returned 6.0.0

Yeah I modified the topic name while sending as I cant bring info from actual machines.

Note: In one of the environment which has new version 6.1.0, tested this example there also producing the same issue

Do you have the full deserialisation error from the server log? Usually it details what the error was

Not found full deserialization error log, it was just ended with WARN multiple times and no further details

Do you see any records in the sink topic?

print 'T_ACCNT' from beginning;

Hi Mike,

Initially I checked in control center the topic does not have any messages and thought CSAS query is not writing data to topic.

As requested just checked print topic in ksql and no data in the topic

SET ‘auto.offset.reset’=‘earliest’;
ksql> print ‘T_ACCNT’ from beginning;

Do you have the ksqlDB Processing Log topic and steam configured in your environment? If so, then you can query the KSQL_PROCESSING_LOG stream for more details on what’s causing the deserialization errors. If you don’t have the ksqlDB Processing log topic configured, then these exceptions should be written to ksql-server.log, as @rmoff mentioned above