KsqlDb Cluster is not working

Hi team,

I’ve just started working on KsqlDB for real-time streaming.

I’m using Opensource code to setup the KsqlDB. I’m trying to setup the cluster of 2 worker node using the same ksql.service.id but when I check the cluster status it shows nothing.

curl --http1.1 -sX GET "http://localhost:8088/clusterStatus" | jq '.'
Null response

log - [Thu, 20 Jan 2022 13:30:36 GMT] "GET /clusterStatus HTTP/1.1" 404 0 "-" "curl/7.58.0" 0 (io.confluent.ksql.api.server.LoggingHandler:142)

I’m using debian package to setup the cluster.

Please let me know where I’m wrong

hi @rttr_tanwar

could you please describe your setup a little more in detail?

which services did you setup?
which versions are you using?
any logs available?


We are already using Apache Kafka & I’ve setup the KsqbDB with the below version

I’ve downloaded the code from the below link to setup the KsqlDB

Below is the version details

  "KsqlServerInfo": {
    "version": "0.23.1",
    "kafkaClusterId": "-CbyKFciT4aNMbYm7du4tA",
    "ksqlServiceId": "dev_121",
    "serverStatus": "RUNNING"

I’m trying to set up the 2 node Ksqldb cluster as per the document service.id should be the same on both cluster if they are connected to the same kafka source.

ok I see
what about logfiles of the ksqldb server?
any errors in there?


No errors in the Logs file.

Can you please give me the exact steps to form the cluster??

if ksqldb is not starting there should be an error logged during startup

could you try and paste the output?

sudo /usr/bin/ksql-server-start /etc/ksqldb/ksql-server.properties

you’re talking about the ksqldb cluster?


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