Ksqldb High Availability - how to reach it

Hello everyone,

I’m working with a ksqldb server deployed in Kubernetes, and since some time ago it crashed for some reason, I want to implement High Availability as described in High Availability - ksqlDB Documentation .

We are deploying the server with docker, so the properties that we put inside the config file are:

When doing so and restarting the server, I can see that only the first 2 properties are properly set, and I can see the last two (for example with SHOW PROPERTIES from the ksqdb CLI).

Do you have an idea about why I can’t see them?

Do I have to manually deploy a second ksqldb server with the same ksql.service.id?
If this is the case, what is the correct way to do it? Are there particular properties to be set?

Thank you very much in advance for the answers.

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