KSqlDB : TopicAuthorizationException : Not Authorized to access topic [default_ksql_processing_log]

Unhandled exception caught in kstreams thread (CTAS_ query) with TopicAuthorizationException" Not authorized to access topics : [default_ksql_processing_log]

It is causing on the same Kstream with topicauthorization, as default_ksql_processing_log is internal topic to KsqlDb.

I noticed when exception was caught the query attempted to restart, however data did not flow through. It worked only upon KsqlServer restart. Its happening frequently now.

From looking at Configure Security for ksqlDB - ksqlDB Documentation it looks like you may need to set the ALL operation of the topic default_ksql_processing_log for the ksqlDB user.

We have provided Ksql service id, which I see 'service-id’ksql_processing_log topic under topic list and stream name KSQL_PROCESSING_LOG.
We see below error …

ERROR Unhandled exception caught in process, processor=kstream-source
Stacktrace=java.lang.RuntimeExcaption: Java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: org.apache.kafka.common.errors.TopicAuthorizationException: Not auhtorized to access topics: [default_ksql_processing_log]

We are not seeing this issue in lower environment.

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