Login from Confluent CLI to Confluent cloud - Error

I have created a aws lightsail instance and installed confluent platform-7.0.1 in it.
After starting all the process, i was able to access the control center.
Also, i have created a free cloud account in confluent with my credentials.

But when i try login into cloud from CLI, it is throwing a error.
[Command used: confluent login --url https://confluent.cloud]

Help me through this!

hi @Sanjay1108

welcome :slight_smile:

how did you create the confluent cloud env? i assume via web ui?

to login to confluent cloud there is no need to add the --url flag.
basically it should work like this
confluent login


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Hi @mmuehlbeyer

Yes, I have created the Confluent cloud account through web UI.

But, when i issue this command: confluent login, i am getting error

would you please check the version with

confluent version



Hi @mmuehlbeyer ,

I have upgraded my CLI version(It was 1.40.0)
Now i upgraded it to latest version and it works fine.

Thank you


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