MongoDb Debezium

I have used this link Quick Start for Confluent Platform | Confluent Documentation to configure Confluent platform with option tar archive.
I have manually downloaded debezium connector from this link .Debezium MongoDB CDC Source Connector | Confluent Hub added that folder to confluent/share/confluent-hub-components.
Then restarted my confluent.
Created json file with following configuration.
“name”: “inventory-connector2”,
“config”: {
“connector.class” : “io.debezium.connector.mongodb.MongoDbConnector”,
“tasks.max” : “1”,
“mongodb.hosts” : “10..4.:27017”,
“” : “mongo_source”,
“mongodb.user” : “moin",
“mongodb.password” : "M0
Passing this command in terminal to add connector and getting this error.

hey @gdev701

connection on port 27017 to the mongo db host is possible?
any firewall in place?


Yes, connection on port 27017 is possible.
There is no firewall in place.

ok I see
just to be sure:
telnet is working from connect host to mongo db?