Multiple Authentication mechanism with Client

Hello Community,

Quick Question regarding authentication.We have Kafka Cluster with 3 Brokers.

We have defined 3 listeners (Internal, broker and External) all using SSL as authentication mechanism.

I want to add one more authentication method (SASL-PLAIN) or (PLAINTEXT) for one of the clients.

Intention is to let them push messages in Kafka without authentication or easy username password authentication without SSL.

I do not want to change authentication method for inter broker communication and when data goes out of Kafka.

They will remain as SSL.
Any help on how to do it?

Below is working for us till now.

ssl.principal.mapping.rules=RULE:^CN=(.*?),OU=XYZ DC SIEM*$/$1/,RULE:^CN=(.*?),OU=(.*?),O=(.*?),L=(.*?),ST=(.*?),C=(.*?)$/$1@$2/,RULE:^cn=(.*?),ou=(.*?),dc=(.*?),dc=(.*?)$/$1@$2/L,RULE:^.*[Cc][Nn]=([a-zA-Z0-9\-\.]*),.*$/$1/L,DEFAULT
super.users=User:ABC;User:DEF;User:GHI,BROKER:SSL,EXTERNAL:SSL listeners=INTERNAL://:9093,BROKER://:9091,EXTERNAL://:9092 advertised.listeners= INTERNAL:// , BROKER:// , EXTERNAL:// ## Inter Broker Listener Configuration

Thank you for your help