MySQL CDC Connector does not work with Azure DB for mySQL

The prebuilt connector available for MySQL CDC does not work with Azure Database for MySQL. I have pasted the error message below this description text. The MySQL server runs on the Azure infrastructure but is a PAAS offering. I have also exposed it through its public IP address and the access has not been restricted only to VNETS.
The server runs of the Basic SKU but this should be sufficient for a setup that does not require the Standard/premium SKU features.
Note: out of desperation I even opened the firewall of the DB server to all the public IP ranges ( Despite all these config changes, the confluent connector is unable to establish a connection with the DB.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Error Message

There were some errors with your configuration:

database.hostname: Unable to connect: Client connections to Basic tier servers through Virtual Network Service Endpoints are not supported. Virtual Network Service Endpoints are supported for General Purpose and Memory Optimized severs.

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