Namespaced Schema Field for fixed logical type Decimal Fails

After upgrading from v6.2.1 to v7.5.2 confluent-community edition Kafka Connect, I encountered the error: “Mismatched names: name already added to SchemaBuilder ( differs from name in source schema (avro.customnamespace.BP)” . This occurred when testing JDBC and s3 sink connectors reading from a Kafka topic, which reads avro Schemas stored in Schema Registry.

An example of the failing schema:

	"name": "bP",
	"type": [
			"type": "fixed",
			"name": "BP",
			"namespace": "avro.customnamespace",
			"size": 8,
			"logicalType": "decimal",
			"precision": 18,
			"scale": 6

The solutions I have tested to work are:

  1. Add field “”: “” → This does not affect the Kafka Topic message, but does require changing schema in Schema Registry
  2. Remove name & namespace for field schema → No error but changes the field name in the Kafka topic message
  3. Downgrading kafka-connect-avro-data jar to 6.2.6 or below → Do not need to change anything else for this fix, but unsure if there are other side effects of downgrading one specific jar and also just a bad practice, but does not require changing the Schema or affect the data

My question is:
a. Are there any other better approaches/solutions to the above?
b. Are having named fields for decimal logical type fields intended to be allowed, or is it more correct to remove that (ie option 1 or 3?)