Nodejs Consumer Timed Out

I use the Nodejs client that in turn uses librdkafka.
When I consume from a topic in Confluent Cloud i occassionally get these errors in the logs and then consumer lag just builds for quite few minutes.
Even after restarting the consumer, no change. after a while the lag disappears.

error{“origin”:“local”,“message”:“timed out”,“code”:-1,“errno”:-1,“stack”:“Error: Local: Timed out”}

This logging happens because I have specifically caught the exception in my consumer code

.on(‘event.error’, (err) => { log.error(‘Event error’, JSON.stringify(err));
() => {
console.log(Process will exit with code:1);
}, 2000);


can someone suggest how to handle this error ?

At the same time another consumer consuming from a topic in the same cluster has no issues absolutely.