TimeoutException on Call: fetchMetadata

I’m pretty sure my problem is related to permissions as it doesn’t happen when connecting to a local Dev instance of Kafka.

Using Confluent Cloud, everything (reading+writing) is working, but I see the following error in my logs

INFO o.a.k.c.a.i.AdminMetadataManager         : Metadata update failed

Timed out waiting to send the call. Call: fetchMetadata

INFO o.a.k.c.a.KafkaAdminClient               : Timed out 1 remaining operation(s) during close.

For the API Key we have READ and WRITE Permission for the Topics, but even if we add all the permissions we still get the fetchMetadata error.

My current assumption is that this feature is not available in confluent cloud at all, but then my question becomes; How can I indicate to the Kafka client that the fetchMetadata command is unavailable? so it stops its attempts


Hi does anyone have any suggestions?